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ZBrush Double Action Brushes - Creature Skin PACK

You'll get 1 RAR

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This is the second pack in the ZBrush “double action” brushes series. It has 11 custom brushes to add details to your models, mainly skin details like wrinkles, bumps, pores, scars and damage. There is also drapery brush and an updated version of the original “Skin pores brush”

Level: Beginner, Intermediate and expert.

You'll get a .RAR file with 11 brushes including:

  • Skin base

  • Limit web scar

  • Skin folds

  • Quick semi scar

  • Controlled lizard skin

  • Random lizard skin

  • Bumpy skin pores

  • Damage wrinkles skin

  • Drapery folds

  • Creature deep scar

  • Burnt skin scar

You'll get 1 RAR