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ZBrush Clothes and Drapery course

You'll get 2 RAR, 2 PDF and 26 MP4

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IMPORTANT: This course is focused on sculpting techniques in ZBrush for the creation of cloth but it does not cover the Dynamics palette added in the ZBrush 2021 version

This is the first course from the Odd Spirits of Z project, which is a series of fast-paced courses focusing on a specific skill or a ZBrush feature.

The focus of this course is the creation and detailing of Clothes in ZBrush for a fantasy character. Throughout the video lessons, I’ll share with you: workflows, a bit of theory, sculpting techniques and more than a few modeling tips and tricks to create folds, wrinkles, drapery and in general, to help you understand the behaviour of different fabrics so that you can confidently sculpt clothes for your own characters.

The course is packed with 3.5 hours of content spread across 25 videos and it has a simple 4 part structure: Theory, blocking, sculpting and detailing. The videos can be downloaded or streamed from the same link and the accompanying files* include every step of the process as a separate ZTool.

Included in the resources of this course, you’ll get 11 custom sculpting brushes, 50 tileable alphas and 36 ‘masking alphas’*

*All brushes created with ZBrush 2018.1