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Digital Clay Pack

You'll get 6 ZIP, 2 PDF, 1 MP4 and 1 PNG

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A collection of 30 ZBrush custom brushes to recreate the 'look and feel' of real clay sculptures in your characters and creatures. This pack also comes with 20 PBR clay texture sets, additional tileable maps (normals and displacements), a base to display your models and a quick start guide!

The ZBrush brushes in this pack behave like sculpting brushes such as the Standard or clay brushes... so the effect of the clay imperfections is created as you sculpt and refine the surface.

With this pack you'll get:

  • 30 ZBrush custom brushes for clay sculpting (.zip file)
  • 20 Clay textures sets for PBR workflow (.zip file)
  • 10 additional sets of Normal and Displacement maps (.zip file)
  • 1 FBX file with the 'studio display base' mesh and textures (.zip file)
  • 1 Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • 1 short video overview (mp4


There is now a free update included in this pack with 15 additional clay brushes and a little bonus of 10 new ZBrush MatCaps for sculpting and presentation renders!

NOTE: If you have already got this pack, you can simply access the update .ZIP files from the same link you used to download the pack.


After you get the brushes pack, you'll receive an email with a unique link to access your downloads. Make sure you check your spam folder as the email might have gone in there.

The brushes in this pack were created with ZBrush 2020.1.1 and they won't work/open in previous versions of the software.

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