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A Guide To: Mastering The UV Master

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With this guide, you’ll learn how to use the ZBrush Plugin: UV Master. as well as some of the various features and process for unwrapping 3D objects automatically.

I walk you step-by-step through the process of generating usable UV maps for your models. I also explain a few key concepts to understand the automatic nature of the UV Master as well as how it works.

Along with a few tips and tricks related to UV master plugin, I’m also sharing some resources that you might find useful.

Level: Beginner, intermediate and expert.


  • The complete High-res eBook Tutorial in PDF format
  • 3 ZTools testing objects (orc creature)
  • 1 UV Master Guide summary mind map in PDF format
  • 5 Tileable skin textures in .jpg format
  • 1 PSD file including the constructions layers of a skin texture
  • 1 Custom checkered texture to check UV layout

All these items ares compressed into a single RAR file.

I hope you find it useful! Share what you create using the hashtag #ZBGs on facebook and/or twitter.

You'll get 1 RAR