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A Guide To: Getting Started With Sculptris

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In this short guide, I'll walk you through the tools and features needed to get you sculpting within minute using Sculptris. I also make reference to important ZBrush concepts when appropriate, so that you can treat this guide as an introduction to digital sculpting.

Level: Beginner


  • The complete High-res eBook tutorial in PDF format (landscape layout)
  • the Dragon Head from the cover as a decimated .OBJ file
  • 1 colour Sculptris "Cheat Sheet"in PDF format
  • 1 Black and white Sculptris "Cheat Sheet"in PDF format

All these items are compressed into a single .RAR file

I hope you find it useful! Share what you create using the hashtag #ZBG on facebook and/or twitter.

You'll get 1 RAR