Wet Clay Material and Rendering Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I share with you my thoughts and my work-flow to achieve the look and feel of CLAY materials all within ZBrush. the process and tips from this tutorial can be apply any type of material since I try to describe in the various sections and settings relevant to materials, light and rendering in ZBrush.

The tutorial is focus can be divided in three main areas:

  1. Tools and techniques to model and mimic a clay sculpture material
  2. The step-by-step creation of clay materials
  3. The lighting and rendering of the final model

Level: beginner, intermediate, and expert.


  • The complete high-res eBook
  • 3D models to test your materials
  • Finished Clay materials to use with your projects
  • Light setups you can import to our projects
  • Texture and bump maps
  • Custom Brushes for modeling